Evaluate and categorize your products and optimize your supply chain!

Classify your products

Find the ones that bring you value

Purge them easily

Do you want to have a clear and accurate view of your product portfolio?

With our Portfolio Profiling solution, you will obtain valuable information that will allow you to make smarter decisions and increase your competitive advantage. decisions and increase your competitive advantage.

Layer 1

Identify which are the products that generate the most income and which are the most profitable.

Box table 2 1

Recognize which products are moving fast, slow or not moving in your supply chain

Table Table 3 1

Clean up your product portfolio in just minutes by identifying the products that do not rotate in each location.

Manage your portfolio strategically

Know how your products move
in each of your locations

A platform that classifies your products in three dimensions.

ABC Ranking

Which product generates the most revenue for you?

Know the revenue share of each of your products

FSN Ranking

How fast do you sell your products?

Know how fast your inventory rotates

XYZ Ranking

What are are your most stable products in your market?

Know the variability of your demand

These rankings work very well individually, but together they give you the perfect picture to make the right decisions.

ABC Ranking - FSN - XYZ

With this you will have key information to:

Establish management priorities in your supply chain.

Product purging in your portfolio

Optimize working capital in your operations

Perform targeted strategies in your different locations.

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