3 key statements for supply chain demand forecasting


Well, let's talk about 3 statements that are obvious and oversimplified because they contain a self-evident truth about demand forecasting in supply chains. Obvious statement #1 "Forecasts are always wrong": The first obvious statement is that forecasts are always wrong. You hear this often, it is [...].

What is Demand Driven and S&OP?


Demand Driven, also known as Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning - DDMRP, is a materials and inventory planning and management methodology. The great difference of this methodology is that it allows companies to carry out a warehouse supply according to the real demand of their market. With its use, organizations can [...]

Supply chain analytics, what is it and how is it used?

analytics in supply chain

In today's world, analytics is essential for companies to make intelligent and well thought-out decisions. Decisions based on concrete, up-to-date and relevant data. Supply chain operations generate enormous amounts of data. This data must be studied to show possible patterns that can then be used as a basis for [...]

What many of us assumed about AI and no one bothered to clarify

Illustration article What many of us assumed about AI and no one bothered to point out

What many of us assumed about AI and no one bothered to clarify Business Experts vs AI Experts Develop AI vs Productivize AI An AI model is a one-time effort This is what many of us assumed about AI and no one bothered to clarify, certainly memorable for a company, the [...]

Getting to know my High Value Customers with IA

Infographic, Knowing my High Value Customers with Datup's Artificial Intelligence

What is RFM segmentation? How do I segment my customers? What does customer segmentation look like? What data is required to do RFM segmentation? As I get to know my High Value Customers, two (2) limited resources present themselves in every business: time and money. Or for some: money and time. For this reason, it becomes [...]

Supply Chain Rankings

ABC-XYZ-FSN Rankings in the Supply Chain

Have you ever heard of rankings in the supply chain? Do you know why these rankings are so important for your business? Rankings allow you to identify groups of SKUs that behave similarly according to different segmentation criteria. The most common ones used by the industry are the rankings made by [...]

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