Economic Impact Coronavirus: Recovering with IT 4.0

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Our world changed, and it did, overnight. A couple of weeks ago we were talking about 4.0 technologies, about digital transformation, and for some this was a long-term topic. Today, what many companies saw as a long way off, is becoming the best opportunity to survive and face the challenges that the coronavirus has brought and will leave behind.

4.0 technologies, more specifically Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, will play a fundamental role in the transformation of businesses and all sectors of the economy will be involved. At this moment, the impacts on consumption and distribution of different businesses are already evident: food, retail, restaurants, travel, hotels and others. This is mentioned in the Deloitte report, where you can find impacts and recovery scenarios for these industries, where artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are highlighted to help this recovery.


There will be structural changes to which we will have to adapt and with the health and economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus, companies have had innumerable losses and it is crucial to mitigate them. To do this they need to have the data, the information and finally the knowledge to make the right decisions, which will allow them to have benefits such as:

  • Improving the supply chain
  • Service innovation
  • Increased accuracy in forecasting sales, demand and supply.
  • Mitigate procurement and production risks.
  • Increase efficiency in operations without having an underutilised workforce.
  • Deliver faster by optimising routes.


The barriers and complications that can bring implementations of such technologies are quickly being broken down. The delivery of Big Data as a Service(BDaaS) and Artificial Intelligence as a Service(AIaaS) allows any company that has data to access and implement Artificial Intelligence and Big Data models in a short period of time and without having to make large investments in infrastructure or require expert personnel to do so.

This delivery format is democratising the use of 4.0 technologies and facilitating their implementation. So now is the time to harness the benefits of these technologies, which help accelerate recovery and mitigate the impacts of a situation for which we were unprepared: the coronavirus.

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